South Africa is a land of potential, but every opportunity needs to be taken to improve our economy and the lives of every resident. Following the example of successful multi-use estates, our vision is to enrich the lives of countless South Africans by establishing a commercial, residential and leisure hub.

Situated in the heart of Ekurhuleni, the 350ha GreenReef Smart City shows how unused land and real ambition can create a better future. Shaped by world renowned Urban Designers, who created the V&A Waterfront, Umhlanga Ridge and the Lanseria Industrial Estate, GreenReef is a secure mixed-use estate that empowers every South Africans to live, learn, work and play in safety.

GreenReef is designed with the future in mind. From the landscape to the streetscape, every building offers residents privacy, and allows for the implementation of technology that helps conserve water and electricity.

Most importantly, this lifestyle is not reserved for the wealthy, as we understand that affordable housing is vital to every mixed-use community. Our vision includes Live, Learn, Work.

Well-maintained, landscaped boulevards and streets.
A pedestrian-friendly environment with a security presence.
A large road network with adequate, secure parking.
A broad range of shopping, entertainment and leisure activities.


With 20,000 secure housing units planned, GreenReef residents will enjoy the facilities, convenience and opportunities that come with estate living.

However, the estate is not only about integrating residential, retail and commercial spaces. It’s about providing every South African with the kind of life they deserve: clean, safe streets and neighbourhoods. Access to parks, schools and libraries. Convenient shops and ample transport. The things we often take for granted.


Access to quality education that prepares our children for the modern world is essential. Our aim is to build schools that empower young people to innovate and compete in the workplace.

GreenReef will facilitate and promote holistic education at every level in a safe, welcoming environment. We also plan to develop a tertiary education campus, the first in the Ekurhuleni area, making it possible for an entire generation to grow, learn and thrive within an environment built to give them the tools needed too succeed.


Ekurhuleni generates 25% of Gauteng’s economic output, powered by over 50 000 business of varying sizes that offer an extensive network of established companies to leverage and support.

Apart from supplying a variety of goods and services to the country, the area also promises employment opportunities, as illustrated by the exciting development plans for the broader Ekurhuleni community which will see the area surrounding the airport transform into an economic and trade powerhouse.

From street-level retail stores to multi-storey office and living spaces, residents and business owners can expect less congestion, a healthier environment and an exciting, balanced lifestyle – not to mention abundant investment opportunities.


GreenReef will be zoned for a range of community facilities such as sports grounds, parks, piazzas, green belts, libraries, art galleries, museums and places of worship.

We believe that access to these facilities is imperative to the growth of a community’s culture and wellbeing. Whether it’s exercise, group activities or community development projects, the advantages of these facilities are almost limitless.